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Friday, June 06, 2008

Love Amidst Pain

Texas. Lone Star State. A far cry from New Jersey or California. Interesting how they both chose the military upon becoming adults. Cutting to the chase, they had a rather starcrossed encounter which sprung them upon the path they were soon bound to embark upon together. He developed a bloody mole on his chest, most likely from his dogtags rubbing against it while performing drilling exercises. What he did not know was that under the surface below the mole was lurking an insidious disease that back in 1960 struck like a lightning bolt when uttered CANCER Still has an ominous tone even to this day, but back then it may just as well have been a death sentence.

Despite such terrible news, a very bright and silver lining was about to happen. He had to spend time in the army hospital while recovering. Guess who happened to be his nurse??? Did i say previously it was straight out of a melodramatic movie??? His condition was severe, but that did not dampen her heart from being melted by this brave and charming young GI. He was very good-humored and never a shy one with the ladies. *quick narrator interruption- sure wish I had inherited THAT trait ah well ok back to story* They made the most of having leave time off-base.going to the drive-in and other spots for couples in SanAntonio. It was truly a whirlwind courtship, they both were honorably discharged, but not after a cataclysmic even of worldwide proportion was to take place!!!! Just what coulf that monumental moment be????? *Drum roll.............. tdadadadadadad...... the birth of this narrator of course!!!!! Ummmmm well ok you don't have to roll your eyes THAT much now!!!!! LOL

Out of the army,a brand new baby boy,back to New Jersey to begin life united. Love was conquering all, a shadow still kept pace not too far away however. Love would truly be challenged by pain. More soon.

I have chosen not to use proper names in this telling by choice. It is my own story, just being told in a different style. I hope to reach inside and share some of the more intimate events in a way that allows the emotion and interaction leap off the page more expressively and touch the reader more personally than just a straight-out telling. it is both scary and exhilarating to write of myself in this way. Hope it will continue to make for interesting reading. May the Good be with you all!!!


At 8:08 PM, Blogger Gypsy said...

This is fantasic Robert. You certainly have this reader hooked and rivetted waiting for the next installment.


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