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Monday, July 28, 2008


I really like that game. Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick. Or any of the other creatively named characters. It is great fun to play detective and attempt to guess whodunit??? I don't know if its quite as much fun when it comes to spiritual matters. I am thinking more and more that fun really has little to do with spiritual growth anyhow. I think we need a good solid dose of fun in our lives to keep sane, but i think God really doesn't hold it up high as one of the attributes He is truly focused on us experiencing. Does He give us solid clues to knowing what it is He wants out of us in this whole life stuff??

The Bible is His Word. He reveals Himself through its pages. He reveals Himself in other ways as well like creation and miracles and the very gift of life itself. The Bible gets challenged quite a bit, as it has throughout history, it has withstood the test of time in all the attacks upon it, though every new generation undoubtedly will have to undergo their own wrestling with it in the way those in the past did. A key thing is that Jesus is made known to us within the Bibles pages. If the Bible has discrepancies then Jesus may as well. Jesus is both declared by prophets and Himself to be the Messiah, the One who alone reconciles the relationship between God and man. He seeks to make a certainty of that by all He did in His short stay on earth as well as by being the only One to resurrect from the dead. If jesus cannot be trusted, who or what can???? None of the other belief systems in existence make the same claims or have the same actions as the Bible and Jesus. Check and see.

That being said, why is it that simply trusting Him and living a life of holiness and obedience in faith hope and love is more often than not something we fail to grasp and accomplish?? I'm not writing this as i had intended. I know so many friends and family suffering such severe tribulation in their life. As long as we have existed on this earth, ever since the fall, tremendous pain and suffering has been a mainstay for us. Some may seem to escape it but we don't know what happens in their minds and hearts throughout each day. It boggles the mind at times to see all that happens everyday every minute every second and alot of times it looks as though He is nowhere to be found. Looks that way.

The book of Hebrews delineates in a very systematic,detailed manner the supremacy of Jesus Christ above all others. We are told that Jesus knws our pain and heartache,our suffering and hardship because He suffered it all just as we do yet without sin. This is why the Bibles reliabilty matters so much!!!!! Why Jesus being who He is matters so much!!! We may not recieve relief at times from hardship of all kinds as we live our life. I have tried to find ways to control or outsmart or outrun pain and suffering as best i could, but I think I have chased the wind in doing that,which is why fear has hung around like a dark shadow. Jesus allows us to embrace pain and suffering and know He will set us free from it when we are in eternity in the place He came to give us. It is not a bells and whistles answer, not a oh im so thrilled and blessed answer in that it gives no relief necessarily for while we are here. Ultimately though it gives us the most incredible hope we could ever wish for, because Jesus HAS DONE what we need to have absolute peace,joy,hope and love forever!!!!! I think that is a pretty good clue!!!! I want to get over my self and accept i will experience difficult things i hate, but the impossible dream that is REAL awaits in the distance!!!! Give us all what we need to hold onto this hope and to YOU no matter what we go through Almighty God!!!! Shalom!!!!


At 6:18 AM, Blogger OneDaisy said...

How do you do that?

At 6:19 PM, Blogger Robert said...

nettie- so good to see you again. I honestly thiok you do it by being as real as you can with God and yourself, in whatever place you are at. I know I have grown more since last year, and am getting closer to doing it. I don't know about how long it takes because it is a very huge beginning for me, i just need to emphasize the ultimate victory Jesus gives even if it doesnt happen as we want in this life. Just gives me a lil more hope when i am feeling the pressure overwhelm. Ty for asking hope to hear more from you my friend.


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