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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jesus Was A Failure

Don't come after me with men in white coats declaring me a 5150 lol well not yet anyhow. I have a method for my madness. Why would i say such a near blasphemous title to this post??? Jesus came down and was born to a virgin in a miraculous way, becoming God in flesh. He began His ministry when He was ready and surrounded Himself with 12 close disciples who were pretty close to clueless the entire time with Him. He performed miracles daily and gave of Himself nonstop to people who basically took from Him and then went on their way. His people who were supposed to know of His coming rejected Him and said He was the devil. He lived a vagabond existence, was taken away and crucified and those who were His closest followers abandoned Him at the time of His greatest need.

Looking at Him from a human viewpoint doesn't He sound like a monumental failure??? Would you want Him as the ceo of your fortune 500 company??? Of course we are not to look at Him from a mere human grid, as He aggressively told peter when He said to him get thee behind Me satan. Jesus completely tears apart all the common stereotypes which human success are built upon. Greed is good. Wasn't that the motto of the dot.com boom?? Jesus says give up all you have. Seize power,climb the corporate ladder,make your church a mega-church,take total control and maximize your talents. Jesus says deny yourself and be the servant of all to be truly great.

Jesus Christ Superstar is highly criticized as pure heresy and a mockery of the real Gospel. Rightfully so in many ways. It does tell the story from Judas perspective, a highly biased Judas of course. It does do a good job of showing how Jesus disdained the attempts to make Him a *superstar* When Jesus died on Calvary all hope seemed lost. The greatest tragedy in all history became the greatest triumph EVER!!!! He was no failure.

My point is we all can see ourselves as failures according to human standards. Even according to christian standards by many. Jesus turns that logic and interpretation upside down. The thief on the cross, not much known at all about Him. Jesus forgave Him his sins and told him he would be with Jesus in paradise. A total failed life right??? Jesus gave us *the rest of the story*


At 3:21 AM, Blogger Tracy Simmons said...

Robert, I think this is such a funny line:

"Would you want Him as the ceo of your fortune 500 company?"

Love it!


At 2:25 PM, Blogger Ne said...

Loved this.. Makes total sense!

Keep on writing. I was blessed by this!


At 12:47 PM, Blogger karen said...

Excellent post, Robert!!

At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Laura (Pennsylvania) said...

I'm just getting caught up on your blog. Very thought-provoking and inspiring! This might be a bit off-topic, but since you mentioned talents....
I would love to see you cover the topic of talents/skills. Not so much our responsibility in using them, but rather in discovering what they are. It's so frustrating to be middle age and not see ANY talents or skills in one's (namely, my) life. How does one discover what his/her talents/skills are? How can one give accountability for something he/she has no knowledge of possessing? Sounds confusing. I would love to read what you and others have to share. : )


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