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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bleedin Love

No this has nothing to do with the current top 40 pop song on the radio currently. It has everything to do with what is contained in the title. Many questions swirl like a gigantic tornado coming together to ask for answers of the One who alone can supply them. God supplied us with His Word within which He does reveal Himself and awareness of His creation and all that has happened to it. Hasn't He???

On observation, one would truly have to wonder. Disasters,wars,murder,abuse. All kinds of deadly examples of mans inhumanity to man are rampantly abundant. Atheists deny any God exists. They take the ideals of the enlightenment and say that man is in process of working it all out. Inevitability of progress, knowledge will come to its full fruition and we will solve all our problems ourselves. Does it look like we have gotten any closer to that ideal??? Funny how if we are to be our own *gods* we haven't come close to solving death. Or is it just simply that once we die we turn into wormfood and dissolve,our reason for being a pointless question mark which hangs in the air to be bantered about by others who ultimately will end up the same meaningless way.

Questioning God is a must if we are to be truly human. How can we not??? All the stuff i mentioned earlier scream out for a response!!!! Why is it the United States has existed as the most prosperous nation on earth as long as it has and the third world has continuously languished in its dire straits??? Why do bloody acts of violence happen everyday and some can exist virtually unscathed from even the slightest trouble??? So many examples can be cited. Why can we be caught in a quagmire of our own thoughts,feelings,imagination that imprisons us in ways no dicator or jail ever could??? Why can we shout,scream,plead and beg for help and can go on endlessly with a stunning silence from the One who made us and tells us to seek Him???

Bleedin Love. Jesus gave us that. Jesus GIVES us that. Look for answers here there and everywhere. No where else will you find what Jesus gives. He said all of us would have tribulation in this life, but that He had overcome the world. OK so just how are we to take that??? How does His having overcome the world translate into our lives??? Does it mean He will deliver us from pain suffering and hardship in life here as we live it??? Does it mean He will give us all the answers and make everything work out so that He gives a wonderful life??? Does it mean that He will cause us to feel a constant joy and peace which we never question or doubt and that stays in us always if we have faith and obedience???

I hope you catch i am being rhetorical and a lil sarcastic here. I have these debates in my mind so much, as so many of you do. I see many express various ways of dealing with them so eloquently. i do ultimately, and it comes with unending questioning and pursuing, as well as falling stumbling and failing along the way,believe that He has and will give us the answer. It is Himself,and His bleedin love. He gave His life so we could regain ours. He bleeds His love,even when we cannot see touch feel hear it. Faith believes that, and faith doesn't come easy. Well, maybe to some lucky ones. I pray His bleedin love surrounds all of us and helps us to live day by day,moment by moment,even when we wonder just where He is.


At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That me dear is the kind of love everyone wants!! I know only of his deep love for me!

I understood everything that you were saying.. I cry out to him all the time wanting answers to my life questions.. when I don't get an answer right away i seem to scream out in anger.. and I have to remember in HIS time only...

Again another great post for you!
that bleeding love is what set all of us free!! He died so that we may live.!! WOW I loved this!!



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