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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TinMan or Scarecrow

Seems like forever since I have watched The Wizard of Oz. I never get tired of it though, just one of those movies i can watch again and again. Well,once a year isn't too tedious. So,who would you rather be??? Tinman or Scarecrow???? Is it a *no-brainer*??? lol We need BOTH our minds and our hearts equally don't we??? Being a psych major i have always had a huge interest in the interplay between thinking and feeling. Do they get separated or are they inextricably linked no matter what??? I think if i were to lay odds i would bet on most people saying they would rather be the scarecrow because they absolutely would not want to be heartless!!!! Besides,scarecrow seemed to get along fairly well without his brain right??? He had the others to think for him.

I tend to believe that thinking gets the short stick when placed against feeling overall. Romanticism is far more alluring than Rationalism and Gnosticism. I wonder how Adam and Eve thought and felt before the fall??? Lust/desire was what lured Eve to disobey Gods command and partake of the fruit. However, it says she saw the fruit was desirable to make one wise as well. Hmmmmm interesting. How eager are you for knowledge???? To learn more??? Do you want to analyze and exercise your mental skilss till your brain feels like its being squeezed??? Why is it that so often those who are deemed to be the most brilliant and intelligent above and beyond us normal folks usually tilt toward social ineptness and to lack warmth and caring???? Granted this is a generalization but I make it because it has beared out to me amongst people i have known or learned about that fit the criteria.

God is a God who is emotional. He is a God who possesses all knowledge. What would you prefer to have from Him??? A detailed explanation as to why He created everything as it is and why your life and others lives had things happen as they did??? Or, would you rather He gave you a big hug,smiled and just laughed with you, letting you know no matter what happened or would happen He was there and always would be??? How many want both??? CHEATERS!!! LOL

Why is to many God stays silent and distant,almost never around in any tangible way to the mind or heart. Yet others can sense His presence, His touch in many different ways. Does God pick and choose whom He will let feel Him??? Careful here. Does our own experience of Him with our senses as well as our thoughts and feelings supersede His Word??? If someone claims they feel God in a genuine deep way how do we know its God??? Do we need an absolute standard to assess this or can we trust subjective thoughts and feelings of each other??? Does the Bible provide us a means to the end of objectively knowing God and His presence in a way that is true rather than a false illusion created by our imaginations and feelings??? I hope some responses can lead into more exploration on this. Are you a tinman or scarecrow??? I left the lion out of the equation on the grounds it might be incriminating put em up put em up!!!! Look forward to seeing what is shared.


At 8:09 AM, Blogger OneDaisy said...

I contemplated say that I would rather not have the heartbreak. But then I thought of my kids and how they fill my heart with so much love. I wouldn't want to live my life without that.

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Knight said...

Just going off the question alone before reading your thoughts I decided without a doubt that the Tinman was the choice for me. If I had never known what love was I wouldn't know what I was missing in my life and I would be free to excel in ways that might be hindered by romance and affection. Needing others to think for me isn't an option. That might be one of the things I most fear.

In regard to what you said about God I don't think God is silent and distant to anyone. It's a matter of perspective, what you choose to open yourself up to, and in what way.

At 6:44 PM, Blogger Robert said...

nettie- yes i would think anyone with kids most likely would choose to be the scarecrow,wanting to express all the love and emotion possible. Hope you have gotten some new shoes whoohoo :)

knight- hey there i sure hope you are doing much better now!!! Thanks for your answer, you make very good points. I think you hit the bullseye as far as God being not distant or silent, sometimes we just do not know how to let barriers to hearing or feeling Him be removed though. Please visit anytime miss knight

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Tony Myles said...

What's most interesting about both is that they each had that which they thought they didn't.

Personality wise, I'd say I'm the scarecrow.

At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got backk and remembered I did not post my answer!! I am both! But if I HAD to pick it would be the Tinman LOVE IS really a topic with me but I did not know how to love untilllllll I had G-d In my life!!


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