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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Humpty Dumpty Needed God

I always liked that sarcastic line *humpty dumpty was pushed* just tended to make you feel a smirk come to mind and say aye yes poor humpty was conspired against or was did in by someone. I always felt bad for humpty though as rhymes go. I guess i feel a lil like humpty. I have been moved alot by many posts in various places talking so directly as to our brokenness and woundedness and how God takes us in our flaws and weaknesses and helps us see it is Him, it is Jesus whose power lifts us up, NOT us taking on and possessing Jesus power ourselves but relying on Him and all He did and is and finding comfort and peace in that reality.

I am wanting to be in a place where I lay with my shell cracked into pieces, knowing only God can put it back together. The bad part is the secondguessing I do inside my head of whether He wants to or not. I feel such conflict so often because I on one hand so seek to stand strong on His character and promises, on Him being exactly Who He reveals Himself to be. But on the other hand having pieces of me where I resist,doubt or turn my attention elsewhere. I hate that I have unrealistic expectations and at the same time can use them as a way to avoid or hide from difficult responsibilities or life situations as well.

I saw swingvote today. Great movie kevin costner does one of his best roles i think, and the girl who plays his daughter is awesome!!!! I won't give anything away, a thing I picked up on though is how deeply flawed we can be and not really be very consciously aware of them, until life smacks us up side the head with them. Redemption and hope are always available though, that is something that needs to be a constant reminder, especially if we find ourselves being overcome by the tribulations and trials we face. I am especially thankful for how Jesus treated Peter, who was one of his closest and most loyal followers and friends, yet denied even knowing Him 3 times because he feared for his life. Jesus gave him 3 times to reavow his commitment to Jesus and gave him encoursgement to become the rock that Jesus had said he would be. Flaws dont have to be fatal!!!!

More to say in more posts. Never give up- faith hope and love are always available!!!


At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Ne's MOM said...

What a title. It caught my eye and it made me venture here. I am Ne's Mom.

I was looking over her list of blogs on her page and this really caught my attention. The way you wrote it and what you had to say kept me going and before you knew it, I was wanting more of this. Did not want this post to end. Please keep on writing like you do and using your life lessons to help others along in their life when they feel there is no way they can go on, because they feel they have ran out of chances with G-d or that they just are no good for themselves.

I have found that we all resemble Humpty Dumpty from time to time and we Definitely need G-d in our lives. We all have had a little Peter In us. We deny so much that we give Denial a new definition sometimes (selfishness).

I just want you to know that I really like this post, now I need to get off here, I am sure Ne will have something to say about me cruising around her blogs that she reads.

G-d Bless You.

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Robert said...

Thank you so much PK you are so thoughtful and encouraging in your words. I need not tell you your daughter is one very sweet lovely and deep lady!!! I sure will continue on sharing,hoping anything I share can be used by Him to touch others who need Him!!! Feel free to stop by anytime PK!!! Mazeltov!!!


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