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Thursday, August 07, 2008

To Know Him

Theology is something that you cannot avoid. The moment you think about God, you are involved in theology,let alone talk about Him. I know many like to say they don't care about theology and just want Jesus. It just doesn't go down like that. Jesus Himself had a theology. He was and is always about His Fathers business, but He maintains a theology and so do we, even if we choose not to acknowledge it. *Jesus loves me this i know for the Bible tells me so and that's all i need to know* Awesome sound bite, great bumpersticker, not so good life motto. You say whaaaaaattttt??? I am saying God has given us alot to handle in this life He create4d us to live and just going by that mantra doesn't cover it all. Besides Jesus wants us to know He loves everyone and not just us, Jesus and we not Jesus and me.

I posted awhile back on what it means that God is spirit. How are we to take that and relate to Him knowing this?? Many struggle with whether or not they can know God personally, or even if He truly exists. Alot of those who struggle with this issue are christians, some even who call themselves deconverted believers. Such diversity of belief. God is spirit. He is a Person. He is not some impersonal force(sorry starwars fans), He has self-consciousness and self-determination. He is conscious of His own Being. In Exodus He declared I AM WHO I AM. He has mind,emtions and will. He thinks, feels and acts. He is invisible, He is immaterial. We know Him apart from our physical senses.

God dwells in the spiritual realm. We also have spirits which no one can see. Spirit=breath. Breathing is the evidence of life. Gods Word is declared to be God-breathed, meaning He gave it life. Hebrews states that His Word is living,active and able to judge the thoughts and intents of men. There still exists today a huge attempt to discredit and deny the claims of the Bible as being Gods Word. A healthy debate and attempt to uncover and understand difficulties is one thing. Denying it to be His Word which carries with it the power and truth of Himself is quite another. Gods Word comes from Him. If His Word is deemed untrustworthy, what does that then do to God Himself???? Just something to nibble on.

God is spirit, He is personal, He thinks, feels and acts. He wants a relationship with us. Why then do so many claim they can't find Him??? I am NOT talking about belligerent atheists or pagans who have an a priori stance to not even make allowance for knowing Him here. Let me make a caveat here. I think many atheists and pagans Do have an open stance towards God and seeking truth, I am specifically talking about those who declare themselves to be antagonistic towards Him in everyway. Why do many believers who have committed themselves to following Christ and seek to know Him and God, to live life as they see Him call them to, why do they find themselves in a dark fog and have no contact with God, who made them and is personal and desires a relationship where they know Him???

I just hope to stimulate thought feeling action and discussion here. We are not satisfied with pat answers or we wouldn't share and explore as we do so well here in blogland. Fun to see what theology everyone has in their responses!!!!


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