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Monday, September 01, 2008

Love Never Fails

The love chapter in 1 corinthians. So well-known,used in weddings,counseling,to give hope. A sentence that is meant to carry huge weight of good news to the ears of those who hear. Such a comfort and source of joy for those who read and hear the words. Unless.

What if its false??? Our senses, sight,smell,hearing,taste and touch. Do they affirm this statement??? Do they deny it??? Does pain,suffering,destruction,distress and dismay wreck the reality of this statement??? Does badness in whatever form it comes in manage to wreak havoc and cause this statement to crumble into dust??

My feelings want to scream YES to this,due to personal and witnessing of others experiencing agony of soul. My mind says NO. I have been engaged in a challenging discussion over at jim palmers blog. Trying to ascertain the ultimacy of faith,absolute truth,metanoia repentance and experiencing the genuine transformation God brings about in ways we cannot grasp rationally. Faith is not absolute certainty,otherwise it would not be faith. As I have written about on here so often over the last 4 years, I battle my own demons of doubt,fear,guilt,shame and unbelief. Very much like the centurion who spoke to Jesus though, I always come to the conclusion- Lord I believe-help my unbelief!!!!

All of us are ultimately in the same boat. We are born, we live,we die. Is there meaning and purpose in our existence at all??? Jesus came and did what puts Him in our boat. He was born, He lived, He died. One lil exception though----------- He came back to life!!!! Jesus makes the difference when every conceivable angle is looked at. Love doesn't mean no pain,no harm, no struggling or no battling questions and doubts. Love ultimately does mean though that love never fails. Love is a Person. Love is our God. Love suffered and died and overcame and is why Love never fails!!!


At 2:30 AM, Blogger Tracy Simmons said...

"Love doesn't mean no pain,no harm, no struggling or no battling questions and doubts."

Amen, Robert, Amen!

At 12:25 PM, Blogger becky said...

1 Cor 13 is a complicated passage. To me divine love is so beyond us. Is it only through Christ that we are able to love like that?

good post.


At 6:16 AM, Blogger Gypsy said...

I believe love never fails but perhaps not for the same reasons you do. Sure it can disappoint us, hurt us, damage us beyond repair sometimes, but it is always there in one form or another. Without love how can life really exist within us?

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had to come to a conclusion about love!!

Love is very hurtful, Love is very painful.. but when we don't have G-d in our life it is even more of a Never ending pain!

G-d is Love! until we learn to love HIM we can never truly love.. My dad calls it play love!!! True love is when you admit that G-d resides in your heart!

We were born with an appointment to die! soooooooooo hey We have a purpose to worship and praise G-d and adhere to his will even tho sometimes we have to pause and question HIM and HIS love for us, because of what we go through in life!

Most of the time it is us that puts ourselves there...

Nicely Thought out and written... G-d IS LOVE!! everything else falls into place when we except that!!! and apply it to our Hearts!



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