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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mirages Appear Real

Pleasure instead of pain. That is a catch-phrase that could be a bullet-point for just about any addiction. Sex,alcohol,drugs,gambling,shopping,food,power the list is endless. I have been very enthused to recieve feedback from dear people who have shared that some of my sharing can benefit people who may not struggle with my same issue, but who have very similar areas at the core of what fuels the addictiveness.

Maslow, a noted psychologist, put forth a very concise organization of needs which we all have as humans. Belongingness and acceptance are 2 which comprise our emotional/social/relational needs. I know there can be all kinds of factors which affect us as very young children and can alter our basic ability to function. Trust or distrust, which one stands out to us as we form our character??? The ability to adapt, to put on an outer facade which may serve as a buffer from perceived pain and problems can be formed very early on, even more so if the imagination is especially vivid. Usually maladjustments to what we take as threats to our security and wellbeing happen long before a genuine relationship with Jesus is established.

I want to speak more directly. Its hard sometimes to just get the nitty gritty down as it happens inside my head. There are vast numbers of men and women who have struggles with addictions and behaviors which fall outside the boundaries of holiness and godly living. It is not out of a desire to turn away from seeking God and His Kingdom. It happens often even while deeply involved in and committed to dedicated Kingdom goals and life pursuits. There just can be pockets which seem to go very deep and mirages appear that offer something we normally know in our right minds cannot truly exist. However, we put our right minds on hold and try to imagine that maybe, just possibly the mirage is REAL!!!! Sadly it never is, but that lure of the possibility and the temporary relief from whatever pain nudges us inside, is enough to keep us as fish chasing bait on a hook over and over again. I am processing some things i really want to share here, i pray i get them clear in my head so i can write them here as I seek to. So good to come to grips day by day that the mirage is not real nor necessary.


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At 4:40 AM, Blogger Cathy Weymouth said...

Robert, as I work with people who struggle with the addiction to food, I find your case here to be very true. We just want acceptance and love and we often turn to the wrong place to receive that. Many people are emotionally attached to food because it brings a false comfort and filling in the midst of a lack. And that is true of dedicated Christians as well as nonbelievers.

It is the concept of idolatry expressed in an acceptable indulgence in the church - overeating. And it is destroying our bodies, God's temple.

I love your description here: "The temporary relief from whatever pain nudges us inside, is enough to keep us as fish chasing bait on a hook over and over again".

It is so true! And where is our hope?? In Jesus only.

Thanks for your words!!


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