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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Simply Complex

Nice oxymoron there eh??? I have been finding life to fit this description many times lately. Our world-view, our paradigm via which we interpret reality plays a major role in our experiencing of this reality, whatever it may be. The Bible in many places sure seems to want to simplify things for us. In the beginning God. God IS, no wondering how He got there or where He came from, He IS. God is love. God and love intertwined,enmeshed, regardless of what circumstances in the world and to us personally, God is love.

Of course much more of the Bible is far from simple and there are so many various ways the Word gets interpreted and understood, it makes your head spin. Within Christianity there are lots of divergent views, though the essentials are held to universally by and large. Lots of other belief systems out there floating around, offering varying views as to what constitutes reality and our ability to comprehend it. We all have different levels of ability mentally,emotionally,relationally,spiritually. Again, so very different but so very alike we all are.

We live inside our imaginations, there is no escaping unless we ar asleep. Even then we dream. Each of us have unique imaginations. Some of us have vivid, wild,dramatic visions we filter through our minds. Others of us have more black/white slow ordinary and mundane visions we experience. Some credit God with inspiring what fills our imaginations, others say its their own life experience which does it. Interesting that opposite ideals can fill difffering minds. Atheists or those who have no affinity for God can have spiritual dreams or thoughts enter their imaginations, while christians can have some very ungodly images slip inside their imaginations. Mystery indeed.

My pastor preached today on being prepared to meet God. Life is short. Death is imminent. Eternity is forever. Just how do you make sure you are prepared??? Some who may be like me and who can instantly worry about worrying how to prepare to meet God may chuckle. We live our lives, so much impacts us and moves so fast through our imaginations. Do we prepare as we continue to live??? Do we find special prep time as we take a time-out from living to prepare??? Do we prepare mentally,emotionally and spiritually in a way that is apart from physically??? Some of the myriad stuff wandering within my head.


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