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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seeing What Will Be Seen

Just another day it appeared as Monday started at Burning Embers. People off to work,kids to school and all the hustle and bustle of normal life routines. Lusinda happened to be at home though, and chose to go in her backyard for a lil sunbathing. Summer was not quite over yet and she hoped to catch a quick tan before it vanished into the crisp coolness of fall. As she placed her towel down in her backyard and began rubbing the oil on her body, joey happened to look out through his bedroom window and the bkiniclad sight of lusinda caused him to stop and stare. He had seen her in passing various times and always thought she was a real hottie, but of course she was older. He felt his pulse quicken as he watched her sliding the oil over her curvy and voluptuous body. His mind began racing, zillins of images and thoughts flashing so rapidly as he felt himself getting warm looking at her.

Another pair of eyes were also watching lusinda, and she knew it. Cole always kept a close watch on his prize dancer. No one knew of the real relationship which existed between them except he and her. Cole had spotted lusinda when she was a giddy teenager and had worked his charms upon her, seducing her with a taste of the wildside which was so foreign to her. Before she knew it, lusinda found herself being like a captive to Cole. He made her become a dancer and lured her into various kinky acts which she had never imagined she would do. He looked at her and thought about their history, oh what a prize she had been. A tiny part of him felt guilty over how he had treated her though. he brushed that aside quickly though and waited for a lil more.

very casually lusinda undid her top and lay topless across her towel. Joey found his mouth drop open a bit as he saw this, that feeling like a rollercoaster about to plunge downhill rushing inside him. The near naked girls he had seen in the movies and a few magazines ran across the screen of his imagination. So turned on, feeling so hot and wanting to release the pressure he felt below his belt. Lusinda looked soooooo good the oil glistening on her lithe body. He laid down on the bed and began imagining being with her there, right next to her, inhaling her scent, wanting to kiss,touch,caress. AHHHHHHHHH SHOOT!!! It was over and he immediately felt a sense of shame. Why was she out there??? Why did he look??/ So many studies and talks he had been part of about sex and relationships. Any thoughts of Lusinda evaporated now but she and her body had been all he could think about just a few moments ago. Wasnt this a response any guy would have if they had been watching her topless??? It ony lasted like less than 3 minutes, how could that be so wrong??/ Why did the same scenario happen to him in his head everytime he gave in and had self-pleasuring??

Charles sat at his desk running various thoughts through his mind. He had been through so much over the last several years. So many struggles both personal and professional. God had always been the rock for him, but he had drifted in various ways from the straight and narrow path which had always been his aim most of his life. He wasn't sure why he had wandered but it happened and ever since the black/white style of relating to God and his own spirituality had never quite been the same. Girls. bane of his existence. LOL He smiles to himself and just wished he had been able to deal with them more easily. His mind went all haywire when he was attracted to a girl, especially if he wanted to interact with her. He wished he could be invisible so many times when he felt himself turning red and getting tonguetied and nervous for no reason. Why couldn't he have a suave coolness in handling liking girls??? Dream on he mused.

The main characters will be called by name. I hope to speak on themes and handle them in ways that might be a lil more stunted if done so in a regular non-story manner. Please feel free to comment on what you think the characters are going through, what might be good options for them and what you like about them and their situations they find themselves in. Again, alot of these themes and actions have a basis in real life but i take dramatic license. I hope i have a fair enough ability to be engagin gas a storyteller. Hoping you all let me know.


At 10:20 AM, Blogger Gypsy said...

I think you have a great way of telling a story and describing the characters in such a way that it's easy to imagine them in your minds eye. I'm looking forward to seeing them develop more and go on a journey with them and you.


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