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Friday, October 10, 2008

Thinking Aloud

Still enamored with dana's post on faith. I come from such a mixed bag as far as faith goes. Raised in the Roman Catholic Church,made my initial public profession of faith at Calvary Chapel. I was baptized in the Christian Church (part of the Restoration Movement) and now have been a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church for last several years. Quite a bevy of differences amongst those 4. I wonder if Martin Luther had any idea the pandoras box he was opening by posting the 95 Theses. The Emerging Church movement has been progressing for a few years and there is a twinge in the air which may be whispering of a new Reformation to occur. Interesting times indeed.

Who is the Authority?? I am sure i saw this on someones blog very recently, just can't remember who. As divergent takes on how to interpret and live out our faith happens ever more quickly due to the speed of information sharing in place now, it can feel as though the ground is not solid under our feet anymore. Maybe God Himself causes the tremors and chooses to NOT intervene to make everything hunky-dory and safe.

I am thinking up my storylines. I intend to write in a way that can be provocative but with a clear purpose. God held nothing back in His Word. He used language which would get him excommunicated ot shunned in many congregations today. Hmmmm imagine that??? Song of Solomon shows indeed that God is the Creator of sexuality and all its splendor as He desired a man and woman to enjoy. People struggle with some very harsh,raw and difficult avenues in life. I am and have been among them. i want to let my writing be a tool to encourage,support,challenge and embrace people no matter what their life situation.

Mike Yaconelli said Jesus would ruin your life. Of course he meant the life that is built around satisfying self, even when it is done in a seemingly normal, unselfish manner. Jesus said He came to give life and life abundantly. I want to explore much deeper just what He meant by that. What is His full context???? Somehow I don't think being financially stable or well off, enjoying a leisure lifestyle and having almost all our wants and desires met was what He was getting at. What is Jesus take on our feelings??? Is joy a feeling only??? What makes it stay??? Is there a technique to abiding in Him, especially in a world so much more complicated than when He was here with us???? Just thoughts and questions to banter about .It is soooooooooo tough to get outside our own unique personal lil mindset boxes we all have isn't it??? So glad all of you are out there and can come here!!!!


At 7:10 PM, Blogger much2ponder said...

Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. I read some of your posts and was intrigued. I will come back for more on another day if you don't mind.

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Robert said...

hey much2- I really liked your blog and enjoyed browsing through reading your posts. Please by all means come back anytime. Thanks for your message


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