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Sunday, February 01, 2009

10 things from the Letter B

Mother Hen left me a comment and asked if i would make a post coming up with 10 ideas based on the letter B. I discovered her blog over at barbaras's and really liked a post she had done on one letter so here goes my shot.

Beautiful. This is the first word that came to mind. Beautiful is all around us. Christina Aguileras songs comes to mind, beautiful no matter what they say, words cant bring you down. Life is ultimately beautiful.

Broken. I am broken in lots of ways. i see the brokenness in others. It does not have to stay that way and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Brokenness can initiate positive changes.

Big. So many things are big. I was usually a big kid. I have been bigger in the middle ever since college. Big is not good when it comes to food. Big can be very good when it comes to fun things,or loving expressions and displays of affection like hugs,high-fives,kisses and massages. Big can be very bad when it is bodily releases such as farts,burps,spitting ot puking. LOL

Bashful. I can be quite bashful, especially around girls, particularly ones I like alot. Bashfulness can be a fun qulaity but can be a detriment if carried to an extreme.

Beach. One of the the greatest places God created. Beaches are made for fun,relaxation and enjoyment. A lot of good reading happens on the beach, as well as exercise via bodysurfing and volleyball. Sightseeing is definitely a guys high priority item on being at the beach. I shall let that speak for itself. :)

Blood. Blood is the life fluid that flows within us. Blood keeps our hearts pumping, our veins and arteries up and running and our minds active and alive. Vampires drink blood. Blood is needed for donation in order to preserve lives. Jesus spilled His blood in order to save every life that has ever existed.

Blonde. I was a true blonde as a kid. The epitome of a blonde beach bum, only with curly hair. Blondes take a beating from jokes but they also enjoy a lot of notoriety and special attention alot of the time. Blondes might have more fun and blondes aren't that dumb.

Bearhug. I love to give these. They are fun and cuddly and feel very good. Careful how hard you squeeze though, especially if you are a big bear and they are a tiny lil thing squeeze not squish

Beatles. They were true visionaries way ahead of their time and in my humble opinion, the greatest rock and roll band of all time. If you listen to most pop songs today, they use very similar chords and arrangements as the Beatles did. The Beatles early years of the melodic love songs were simple but clearcut. Their later more political and psychedelic were much the same. I am a paul guy so you can guess my fave songs of the fab Four.

Brilliance. Shown in many facets all the time. Writing,art,sculpture,filmmaking,speeches. The list can go on and on. We have the capacity for brilliance within us, given us by Supreme Brilliant Creator.

Thank you Mother Hen that was great fun!!! Anyone feel free to choose a letter and do the same at your place!!!


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Ms Hen said...

Wow.......you did a Beautiful Bountiful Brilliant job with the B.


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