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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Never Again

Those are the famous words of holocaust survivors regarding those heinous events which occurred in Nazi Germany. Germany was the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the Wittenburg church door,protesting the abuses within the Roman Catholic Church. Amazingly, the church was asleep at the wheel in Germany, and did nothing as Hitler brought nazism and fascism into power and sought to dominate the world. Never Again!!!! Really???

I have a friend, whom i have spoken of before, who is very politically involed and social activist involved. He really is a throwback to the 60"s but not a hippie lol. He continually sends me links which, if true, should cause a revolution all over again like the one which founded this country. A lot of things he has bought into have been spoken of for years, the question of their credibility has always been the tipping point. Illuminati,CFR,Bilderberg,bankers and military/industrial complex,New World Order, globalism. Conspiracy. One of the most cliched of all buzzwords. Is there anything to it??

He sent me a link detailing how President Lincoln was actually a communist sympathizer and alot of his contacts he made politically were also communists as well and who sought the undermining of capitalism, even underlying the Civil War. Common knowledge holds that FDR knew japan was going to attack pearl harbor long before it happened. Our media is controlled and basically promotes propaganda which is given them by those truly in power, the puppet masters of the Shadow Govt. False flag operations have been going on for centuries which are used as a smokescreen to cover up the real agenda which is to take away our freedom and establish a One World Govt. Watergate was engineered by the true powers-that-be to take down Nixon because he forgot his place and actually began thinking he could BE the president and Do things!!!!!

9/11 as an inside job,depleted uranium,zionist agenda,destruction of the middle class in america. Google *alex jones* or *infowars* to check out these claims on your own. I share this because we met together last night with a few other friends and he was vehement as usual about the reality of these things being true. He states Obama is just another brick in the wall to use a metaphor which hits home. Obama will reveal h9imself to be anything but a liberal and carry on policies and procedures which differ little from Bush or Clinton. Time will tell. Is it all a bunch of paranoia and big brother madness??? He always has some credible links from people of status who make legitimate points on some of these things. Will any of this become clearer or visibly evident in 2009??? Guess we will see. I just wanted to toss it out there to see what anyone thinks. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


At 10:31 AM, Blogger TROLL said...

The problem with the LEGITIMATE concerns about the "one world end national sovereignity" cabal is that most discussions of the subject become dominated by NUTJOB conspiracy theorists with NUTJOB theories.


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