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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Seek and Seek

Hide and go seek was always a fun game. I want to seek and seek God though, as opposed to hiding from Him hoping He will seek or having Him hide. Dealing with my own addictive cycle has brought this out to me even more clearly. I find it hard to know what to write at times as i have sought to share on this recently though. I see others who are facing things in their lives which are so overwhelming and painful and I wonder how can i even dwell on the things i battle with at all, but all of our struggles differ from each others. Hopefully we learn amd grow and transform day by day as we learn from each other.

Easy. Where does the notion that anything should be easy come from??? Advertising yes like the EZ button for officemax. Whoever said life was easy??? Spiritual growth??? Certainly not God or Jesus. Losing your life to find it, taking up your cross. Far from calls to easy living. Somewhere along the way ideas of following took on easiness though. Just raise that hand ,ask Jesus into your heart your saved all is good!!! At my church i went to once I was baptized, we always had an altar call every service, 3 in the morning and 1 sunday night. It didnt matter if there were any visitors or not, we had them. The preaching was often gospel-driven and totally biblical. Thing was, it was usually to the choir because we all HAD Jesus. We needed to know what to do now that we had Him. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. i love blogging for the very purpose this verse states. We need each other to work out our salvation with. A community with which we can hash things out, and allow a lil heat to go with the light. Thank you all here in blogland for challenging, encouaging and exhorting to seek and seek more and more!!!


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