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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Priori

Nothing Prior I have always had an affinity for latin words, they just sound so mensalike whatever that is lol Putting A beforeanything changes its pronunciation and its meaning. A+ theist = atheist-no belief in theism. A+millennial= no belief in a millennium. So many examples, and of course the A doesn't always mean no or none, just a lot of the time. Just how far do we go in life where we can lay claim to having an a priori understanding of anything??? One year??? Seems like babies are getting pushed to mature developmentally faster and faster every year.

I have just been wondering about this a lil bit after perusing around the net and seeing so many sides to certain things, which is the beauty of freedom of speech amen??? Just made me wonder what the prior events were which helped form and shape the attitudes and views of each person??? The notions of force and choice reverberated inside my brain once again.

God is love. He uses that as a Self-defining term of His own revelation of Himself to us. Love connotes certain attitudes and actions as belonging to its nature. Calvinism and arminianism have been at odds over the eons over the issues of force and choice, or determinism and freewill. Does God want us to be robots with choice??? Does He make some of us in a certain way only He knows the outcome too and yet lets it appear as though the outcome has not already been determined a priori??? I mean, it is possible because He is God and of course as God He has every right to do as He wishes with His creation, no questions asked, no explanation needed. What kind of feeling does that leve in you though??? Does that sound like the God who would come after the one lost sheep, leaving the other 99 till He found the lost one??? Does it sound like the God who represents the father of the prodigal son, who dropped everything and forgot about appearances because He was overjoyed to see His son come back to Him??

I have a lil craziness inside my head, as i am sure we all do. Mine may be a lil different than yours, not necessarily worse so dont get uppity over there lol. I have many instances where i choose to do what i want to do, I have many where i choose what God wants me to do. I have no problem giving God the glory for helping me to choose the right and for forgiving me when i have chosen the wrong. My lil craziness is when I go through periods where things feel dark and gray and like the light is being partially blocked. Certain concepts or verses trouble me alot in those times, like the ones saying His sheep know His Voice and come to Him as He calls. Did something happen to my hearing or am i not the sheep i thought i was??? Verses that speak of obedience and holiness and faith in ways that just leave me wondering, how has anyone ever pulled that off??? The verses which speak of all being sinners who have not sought after God, of those who fall even after walking with Him a long time. My own lil craziness makes me wonder if I have somehow missed the boat on what He wanted from me and maybe I never was intended to do so anyway and just did not realize it. Craziness.

God is love. To me, this truth indicates God will go to whatever lengths and means necessary to reach down and reveal Himself to any and all who He created, even *the least of these* who could just be messed up ones with a lil bit of craziness like me. Makes me wanna put on a Loiis Armstrong voice and pretend to play the horn while singing, *and i say to myself, what a wonderful God* Word change by me. A Priori.


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