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Friday, December 18, 2009

In Session- Therapy with God

I got this idea from seeing a book that talked about having angry conversations with God, susan isaacs i think was the author?? Sounded very enlivening so I thought, why not. A small caveat- any thing said in these writings may or may not be a real event or occurrence and all is a mishmash of what lies within the parameters of my medulla oblongata.

*Walks into office, first session occurring* Oh, I shall refer to God as He for brevitys sake and again, it is a mix of fiction,nonfiction,literal,hyperbole what have you. On with the show*

Wow, quite a ordianry place here, although the black leather couch is nice. A fishtank too. Must be for the calming effect. I don't know how i would decorate my office if i ever became a counselor.

He- I do like fish.even have a lil hermit crab in there if you look close enough. Hope you find the couch comfy enough.

Me- oh i can handle anything, folding chair,metal chair,ottoman. Anyway, so why did i come here??? *Waits, tapping fingers on arm of couch, making lil jeopardy theme music sounds*

He- Trying to play the *He already knows all the answers so of course He knows why I came here*card??? Ah now you should know better by now, how many Bible College discussions, as well as Seminary did you have about that one??? Just because I know doesn't mean I will reveal anything to you. You doid read some Francis Schaeffer didn't you??? He is there and He is not silent??? Hmmmm, well maybe.....

Me- Sounds of Silence, one of my favorite Simon and Garfunkel songs. They were visionaries you know??? Wish there were more of them around.

He- the Beatles were the best. But shhhhhhhhhh you didn't hear that from Me. *small chuckle*

Me- I have much love for the Beatles, always was a Paul guy, though John was an icon. How did we get off on talking about the Beatles??? I thought i came here for serious spiritual talk. *makes a frown*

He- well who says we haven't talked about serious spiritual stuff??? Just why does it have to be put in a specific box anyway??? Oh i see time is up. More next time. Listen to a lil Carly Simon on the way home, I hear *your so vain* was written about warren beatty!!! hahah bet shirley maclaine gave him a hard time over that one!!!

Me- You are a character. I think i get it a lil more why Your ways are not our ways and such. Anyway, next time. * Exits office*

I am just free-associating here. Sometimes it may seem a bunch of silly fluff, other times it may go towards the deep end. It is something that is a helpful thing for me to express through right now, hopefully any of you who stop by and peek a lil will leave a comment and let me know what you think. This is NOT an attempt to be theologically perfect,it is just a creative way to communicate relating to God. Merry Merry everyone!!!


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