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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Introverts really do have as much energy going on as extroverts, ours just happens to be aimed inward lol I wish often i could let go of my muddled mind at times it just refuses to shut off. So many trains of thought running in so many directions as well as lil bits of fluff that have no bearing on anything really.

Meaningful or meaningless. Which one do you choose??? If there is no God everything becomes meaningless-or does it?? Atheists I have talked to would say meaning is made by what you do with the one life you have been given. Ok. Existentially i can go with that. Who gave us the one life though??? Who or what dictates its worth and the actions which make it worth living?? Why did human life become so, dare I say it, *evolved* and yet still so aimless and directionless by so many??? Atheists reject a god whom they believe is arbitrary and cruel,unfair and unjust. Heck i think almost anyone would also reject such a god. Trouble is those who proclaim to believe in and follow the One True God, have often left a sorry trail of failure and foolishness behind them.

I wish I was a better writer. i love words. Always have. I had an 11th gradle comprehension level when i was in 3rd grade. Don't ask about math!!!! Lol. So many ideas flow around ,especially after reading other blogs or online articles as well as books. So cool so many people are very good at writing and articulating their thinking!!!

Was there a literal-historical tree of knowledge of good and evil?? Why has God left such ambiguity regarding knowing Him and yet exerts such an overwhelming burden upon us who are but dust to fulfill expectations of eternal consequences??? One of the resons I am a *hopeful universalist* is because we humans are so fragile and God has to fully understand this. After all He made us!!!! Well, ok,atheistic naturalists would beg to differ. Darn that big bang and all the atomic particles in it!!! :D That's all for now.


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