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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A challenging word there. One of those words kinda like a new years resolution- it leaves you wondering.... will I really??  We all have resolve, some low some high and all in between. My resolve likes to play hide and seek it seems, depending on what i am wanting to be resolved about. I have a resolve I want to grow and mature more and more, funny how the actuality of that process   happens so much differently than how I envisioned it in my mind.

It is always fun to read various blogs, either ones i have followed for awhile or ones i just discovered. So cool to encounter different ideas and thought processes about a whole myriad of subjects. I am always amazed how people seem to be able to break free from their inner world and discuss with gusto what is happening in life as they see it. As an introvert and an INFJ i find myself so wrapped up with the ramblings that reverberate inside my head and even though I know how to talk as well as write about it, always seems like I never do enough. Isn't it crazy how perfectionism pervades the entirety of human existence even though we all know in our heart of hearts achieving perfection is like trying to catch the wind?? 

 Love. God is Love. So it says in the Bible. Atheists deny this as they deny God even exists. They do believe in love though. i wonder if atheists struggle with doubt in certain  times of pain as believers do. Doubting God is real, doubting  eternal life is real. Do they doubt that death is not the end, that God really is there and they will meet Him some day???  I have more to ponder about on this  and related themes.

 For now, I resolve to keep growing, keep maturing,  accepting the process will be way different than how i want it to be.


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