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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Don't write much  here lately. varied reasons, but  alot of it is just feeling clogged inside and not knowing how to rotorooter it to  break free. I am one of those types who live inside my head, bur usually get past it when around people oe involved in something. So many contrasting thoughts  inside which  contribute to the feeling of  being clogged.

 Paul starts off the book of  Romans by  being very emphatic that none of  us have an excuse to  not believe in God and failing to be worthy before Him. Romans 1 is used often as a text to show what happens to those who never hear the Gospel. This highlights the tension in the Bible, for me, between  Gods holiness,righteousness and justice on one hand and His  mercy,grace and love on the other. Does Jesus beidge the 2 sides forever???

 I had a family member commit suicide. One is suffering major depression. I see so many lives  caught in  difficult circunstances and struggling with coping. Some cry out for God  and recieve no response, or so it seems. God sent Jesus for sinners, not the righteous. Why do they get no response???

 Lamenting  was very present in OT times. Psalms and Prophets are filled with them. I lament to  You Almighty God. You know all the feelings, pains,hurts,desires,longings, hopes,joys and everything else inside me, as well as each living  soul whom You created. Help me to  give it all to You, because You care for me, as You care for everyone. Help mr to know it, believe it, feel it and rest in it. Help me to find my writing  voice once again to lay myself out on here.  I say this wanting to  be grateful for  You, rwegardless.


At 5:38 PM, Blogger Aphra said...

Hello Robert!

Good to have you blog again :)

Is it that no response is received or is that the response is not what they wanted or is it that they couldn't hear.

I assume the failing is with me if I don't hear a response, not with God.

God bless you!

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Robert said...

Hi Aphra!!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

You raise good points. I always assume the failing is with me as well. I guess I wonder how to get past whatever blockage preventing me from hearing or recieving no matter what the response. I believe help my unbelief type thing


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