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Monday, January 22, 2007

risking openness

This is an idea i have had swishing inside my myelin sheath for quite sometime. I thought about saying my medulla oblongata but need to give the stuff that coats the greay matter some love. I always hear about the success and successes of AA and other small groups or support groups. I have wanted to have a small group very similar to those only not specifically addressing just recovery or addiction issues. Openness is something we all want to have and be as well as recieve from others. I think if we all practiced this openly alot of psychologists and counselors would be out of business!!!!!

One of the biggest blessings of blogging is how it makes a connection with people i otherwuise would never meet. Simply due to distance time and other obstacles. Blogging also aloows for a very rich amount of openness able to share as lil or as much of ourselves as we choose to. The one small missing part is the in person presence which does realoly assist counselors in doing productive therapy. I can't say how many challenging,inspiring.gutwrenching.thoughtprovoking blogs I have come across over the last year oh so many. I hope sometime to create a group based on risking openness and have a goosd amount of people join who desire the same thing. I love going and reading all the blogs of so many of you 2007 has gotten off to a fantastic start and hope it gets better and better!!!!


At 9:21 PM, Anonymous BarBarA said...

Amen Bro Roberto!!!

I could not agree more with everything you said here. Why aren't we more open? I think one reason is because we FEAR what others will think if they really knew us. BUT if we were open then we would understand how much we really are all alike. The issues may be different but the core feelings are the same.

Good one!

At 4:17 PM, Blogger wilsonian said...

I agree with you too. But I've found that honesty and openness in blogging has allowed me to be more open face-to-face... it's pretty important that all that growth doesn't stay on the blog!


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