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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jesus Is the Answer

There is a praise song i enjoy very much which contains the title of this post in it. It goes like this *Jesus is the Answer for the world today above Him theres no other Jesus is the Way* I know that is very basic elementary level theology 101 but hey its the best answer isn't it??? Hebrews is one of the most profound complex books in the entire NT yet it is alson one of the most basic and foundational. It points to Jesus and His perfection above everyone and everything Life is difficult hard tough unfair cruel and a whole host of other adjectives and sometimes im sure expletives. I spend so much time beating myself up over failures missed opportunities bad choices I have made and so on. A huge reason behind this is because of the place where my arrow is pointing------------at me!!!! I read a post where the author said how his dad always reminded him whenever he was feeling down and discouraged look UP now that can sound like a cutesy cliche but it actually, when applied is solid advice and encouragement!!!! How great is God??? How amazing is Jesus??? How awesome is the Holy Spirit???? Hebrews tells us vividly just how trustworthy incredible real and actual God is!!!

I struggle and have struggled most of my life with a fear of death as i have written about in depth on here. One thing a few blogs i have come across have made me realize in a fresh way again is that the Bible contains the answer I search for and need. I want death to be nonexistent to go away well that is not going to happen however Jesus HAS made the sting and pain of death vanquished He has made it so that physical death is just a transition NOT an ending!!! *Fix your eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of faith who for the joy set before HIm endured the cross despising the shame so that he might be seated at the right hand of God* Its ALL ABOUT JESUS!!! I think one of the greatest weapons the devil uses in his evil arsenal is to do anythingand everything to make us lose sight of Jesus to get us to believe Jesus is mad at us or doesnt want to deal with us to make us think Jesus is a 8warm fuxzy* but NOT truly God in flesh who has been givem ALL AUTHORITY IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH by God the Father!!!

So many of us are in very similar places in our life journeys and a great many of us have a depth of spiritual understanding and knowledge we have walked as believers a long time yet somehow a disconnect has happened between what we know and what we want to have happening in our life and what we feel and experience as the true reality. i struggle deeply with feeling like a huge failure to God for committing certain sins while pursuing and being active as minister in a church especially knowing that those who aspire to leadership are under tougher scrutiny. I make it very hard for God to pour His grave love and forgiveness upon me when i an cowering and hiding from Him within my soul telling Him I blwew it i failed you i cant be near You i know ive been a huge letdown Im putting down the feeling level of what i experience internally so often everyday and why its so hard to pray alot of the time. One amazing truth God whispers asi read these other blogs though is that Jesus knows ALL of this about me He knows even as i write this and HE STILL LOVES ME!!! HE STILL WANTS RELATIONSHIP WITH ME!!!!! O to embrace and actualize the reality of those truths!!!! A part of me as i type that s saying *o yes of course He does but you cant really recieve it your too bad too much a backslider to selfcentered* stupid satan and my own flesh never quit!!! I have a glimmer though and my dear friends on this journey as you read this I hope we ALL can actualize and make real the truth of Jesus love and grace Instead of *answers* we need the ANSWER!!!! Just in seeking to focus my mind on Jesus and all that He is does bring a ray of light in me as i type this. i think its the toughest challenge we may face to get ourselves to be in the place where we come back to the place of letting it all be about Jesus. i want to expand on this in coming weeks and months Jesus IS the ANSWER I want to comprehend in real genuine actual ways how to live that out and have it impact me in the way I hunger for and desire in my deepest place. Let me know your thoughts here!!!!


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