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Saturday, May 19, 2007

magic moments

Just wanted to share a few of these Ones that are very fun and cool when they happen I was playing a game of touch football 3 of us i went out for a pass looked like it was over my head the guy covering me said i would never catch it , i strethed out my fingers and somehow puled it in TOUCHDOWN!!!! magic moment!!!!

I was at summer camp somehow learned to play tetherball and was able to win several times all in a row even against people i think should have beat me magic moment

my mom my sister and i were at an amusement park in lage george NY on the bumper cars somone hit my mom really hard it made her wig fall off she had to maneuver her car to get it off the floor everyone there was cracking up magic moment

i was at my 8th grade graduation party the end to the worst 2 years of my life i was standing on the sides watching people dance as well as play air hockey and other games for the non-dancers. Suddenly, one by one, 5 of the cutest girls each took turns dancing with me. It was like they had all talked and decided *hey 8th grade is over lets help this guy have fun* I ws shocked but i did it and I didnt feel like they were being condescending or anything they were all very nice especially the one i had a secret crush on macky Webb i see her face to this day. She let me slow dance with her!!!! You cant even believe what that felt like!!!! i actually used to ride my bike after school and on the weekends past her house hoping just to see her i dont think i would have been able to say anything but still

Truly those girls gave me a magic moment!!!


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