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Thursday, June 21, 2007


God is complex. A pretty safe assessment right??? Jesus did say we were to come to HIm and the Father as little children though small kids don't do complex now do they??? Mystery and intrigue seem to pop out at me more and more as I read various blogs,books and articles on spirituality and seeking God. I am struck by the mixed messages that the Church often gives as well as far as following Jesus. A common practice which occurs at many churches is to have an *invitation to accept Jesus* also known as an altar call. The pastor will pray and tell those who want to invite Christ into their hearts as Lord & Savior to do by raising their hand thus the often lampooned * I see that hand* Now let me say that I am all for directing people to seek to come to Christ absolutely but all too often what happens is those people are told by the pastor as he prays that Jesus has come into their heart and they have been *saved* NO followup and discipling occurs they leave the service having made the most important decision of their life and for all they know that is all they needed to do!!!!! Small wonder we find so many on the scrapheap of abandoned faith because the reality of life did not match to what that simple raising of their hand was supposed to have accomplished.

What is Gods part?? What is my part??? How can i choose if i am so *totally depraved* that i have no ability to make any true choice regarding God because of my lost condition. Why is it that so many of those who would consider themselves to be *elect* say they cannot kjow for certain until after they die and discover themselves in Gods presence. Yet they find no qualms in assessing the *non-elect* status of those who stray from their theological stance. I see so much disparity written by believers concerning Gods holiness,righteousness,justice and judgment on one hand and His love,grace,mercy and forgiveness on the other. Why does it seem that they are on opposite ends of a pendulum??? Why do so many people seem unbalanced with all these one way or the other???? Either way to rules-oriented or way to freedom-oriented???? Scripture clearly says *while we were yet sinners Christ died for us* Hmmmmmm so where does that leave those who for some reason are just not wanted by God and because of no other reason than He can God chooses that they NOT be saved because He is the Maker and they are the clay and well clay cant have any say about what happens to them so..... hope the sarcasm and dacetiousness is self-evident here.

God allowed and even decreed His Son who also shares His divinity to die for all of us sinners all of us whom He created i see no place in His Word where He tries to make us hopeless helpless and cut off from His *good news* in His Son as Jesus Himself said *I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance* I think any who seek to be smug in their status with AGod and cast doubt on others in their relationship with God need to read that verse and let it sink in. Ok there goes a rant that has been built-up over time Grace to all peace and love as well!!!!


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