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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Live Free or Die Harder

Saw the latest Bruce Willis movie saturday and must say thought it was a great action movie that provided more insane stunts and crashes than a few scharzenegger/stallone movies combined. The real thing that stood out though was the inner motivation of bruce willis character. i won't reveal any details to keep from spoiling anything for those who might read and havent seen it. Willis character is virtuous let me put it that way and he serves as an on-the-job mentor to a kid who for all intensts and purposes cares nothing for family country faith or much of anything except his own self-interest. The film really stood out to me as a metaphor for God and Jesus and how They deal with us and what we have made of creation and the freedom we possess as made in His image.

It is the *in thing* right now in publishing to be expressing atheism and the downfall of religion. The problem of evil surely is an easy target for any who seek to deny Gods existence or His being Good.Just and Loving. From pure apperance sake and an emotional view i have to strongly agree. Especially in a very subjective,emotional sense. But as i take a step back and look closer so much of the evil that occurs is manmade. The Holocaust horrible as it was happened because of men who acted with evil intent. Murders,theft.lies,lust,envy,greed,avarice,the list goes on and on. Apart from God transforming our hearts we pretty much become a colossal *lord of the flies* world ultimately devouring each other. We have the capacity now with all our wmds and chemical weapons to destroy the world a few times over mercifully i believe God makes sure that does not happen. A very valid critique i give all the atheist challengers credit for is pointing out how often believers fail to honor God no matter what aspect of religious faith they adhere to. We need constant reminders that imitating God is to be our goal as opposed to trying to impose our own ideas upon others of how they should think act and believe.

It is for freedom that Christ set us free as Paul says so powerfully in galatians. Spiritual freedom sure is scary at least it sure seems that way looking back over the scope of history. New converts to following Jesus back shortly after His resurrection found themselves wanting to go back under the law often. Legalism seems to like to rear its constricting head quite often in the Church today. So cool to see movies that contain strong portrayals of true character as God intended for us even if the moviemakers had no realization of that happening as the movie was made.


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