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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hurry Up and Stand Still

A theme of struggle and hardship seems to be permeating across several landscapes of blogland lately. Funny how themes can happen to such divergent people almost equally regardless how different and varied the backgrounds and life situations we all have. I have really been wondering about the way in which we interpret the *emotional response* of God. When we read the Bible and come across certain passages of God speaking or Jesus teaching do we feel They are emotionally warm and responsive??? Caring encouraging accepting loving??/ Or are They more cold distant demanding critical aloof ??? Even as i write the 2 categories i cringe at depicting the Father and Jesus being emotionally negative however inside my own heart i often feel/think that is the way They feel and respond to me. This is deeper inside at an emotional/intuitive level but in the end it impacts my intellect and understanding at some point. I can reflect and realize why this is I want to go beyond that and change it.

My post title is a reflection of tensions and pressure points i experience daily. Take time to be still meditate on God and His Word pray intently for a longer period of time to recharge get up go out and do something to serve others be active find ways to lose yourself in investing in others GO WAIT MOVE BE STILL AIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

i hope my point came across as intended lol Do any of you ever feel that no matter WHAT you do your just always still falling short and you dont know how to get where you believe your supposed to be??? I mentioned the word *ambiguity* in a previous post. As i examine Scripture i come across this meaning more and more. God likes to be ambiguous alot. Well also i think He enjoys being black and white and gray all over!!! Hows that for blending conservative/liberal/whatever else all together eh???? There are certain things God is VERY absolute about. He alone is GOD Jesus alone is LORD and SAVIOR Jesus death and resurrection saves us from the penalty of sin. The ins and outs of just how to go about living life following Jesus well that not quite so absolutely black/white stated. Im sure alot may say that my dipstick aint touching oil but it seems that way to me especially the older i have gotten. We all have such different lives. God has left us with a guidebook a blueprint His Owners Manual if you will. Alot of us look at the same things maybe even have very similar events in life happen yet our way we deal with these things can be so different so diverse. Does God want us to be cookie cutters??? Does He want us to have a mantra and chant it in unison as we seek to carry out the Great Commission??? Yes thats rhetorical. lol I love blogging so much because of the answer to that question HEAVEN NO HE DOESNT WANT US ALL IN LOCKSTEP SINGING SAME SONG SAME WAY SAME TIME!!!!



At 4:35 PM, Blogger karen said...

No, He wants us all different, and honest about who He made us to be, because each of those differences reflects a part of who He is.


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