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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A lil more about spirit

Still letting thoughts tumble around in my grey matter regarding God as spirit. Becky at *in the quiet* had a juicy post, as in one you just feel is so good to think about and wonder the implications of her thoughts. God is omnipresent which means He is everywhere at once. He is beyond time so He is in the past present and future. Hmmmmm makes you wonder about the whole timetravel phenomenon. Since He is always present and He is spirit He is love everything about God is positive and good why then do we have so many times when we feel totally alienated,distant.cut off or blocked from God???? Must be a flaw in our ability to respond and reciprocate His presence. Sin is said to cause separation. Jesus covers our sins by His paying our penalty. Can sin still cause a emotional/spiritual separation even when we are believers???

What is objective and what is subjective on Gods part??? Charismatic believers claim specific experiential happenings with God especially the Holy Spirit. Those who believe God doesnt operate the same way now as He did when the Church first began and before the Bible was completed believe He works through His Word. How do we know if God answers our prayers??? is there a need to have an openness to both subjective and objective truths in the way God interacts with us??? Since God is spirit does that leave room to understand Him and relate to Him in more than one way??? Does God present absolute clearcut commands as to just how He is to be known worshipped obeyed and loved???? Anthing that diverges from that is idolatry???

Isnt it fun to read a whole bunch of questions and no answers???? Well hopefully discussion will stimulate shared answers from various minds. God gave us minds and not pudding in our heads for a reason. It is good to reason together!!!! I love ambers description of God as crazy!!! LOL A crazy Almighty God hmmmmm crazy in a safe way right???? Look forward to responses as always.


At 4:35 AM, Blogger Shaz said...

WAHHHHHHHHH Just catching up ;)
Its been a long yukky week but loved catching up here always makes me feel better.

At 7:53 AM, Blogger bjk said...

God hmmmmm crazy in a safe way right????

Safe...come on Robert..there is really nothing SAFE about it...but I believe we are protected (whatever that looks like) ..remember the discussion with the beaver and the kids in Lion Witch and the Wardrobe re: Aslan...

"Safe, who said anything about safe, but HE IS GOOD I TELL YOU...."

or something like that....


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