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Sunday, October 21, 2007

TNT- Contents Under Pressure

Pandoras box is a wellknown fable. So dangerous were the contents locked within her box woe to whoever opened it and let loose the maelstrom within!!!! Wise was the one who declared that pandoras box be kept tightly shut. Here is a small sampling of something akin to that diabolical box.

Smoldering deep way down within the embers burn and want the uproar to begin

dark delectable dripping with ease oh salivating to seduce and sieze

hungering aching scintillating stirs low moans emerging sensual thrill to converge

heart races pulse pounds mind races sweat traces barely making a sound

a delight to the eyes fills insides so much unquenching desire a longing to touch

try as you might the inner want wont be stilled need want pure searching just wont be chilled

once allowed escape all caution thrown to the wind will crave more always more till unveiled once again.

Lust desire of whatever although physical things may rub high at top of list. I have been reminded of the definitive power of words. James and Proverbs speak very forcefully of the danger and wonder of the tongue. Whoevrr said *sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me* I dont know but sure seems like they lived in another universe than me. I will gladly take any kind of physical pain or hurt than the ones Ive experienced from peoples words. ANYTIME!!! Helps that Im built like the hulk but thats another story lol

I hope to share varied descriptive poems on different subjects. i find it engaging and got a good response the last attempt. Words bond us together thru our blogs. Words bond us with writers whom touch us deeply. God spoke words. God SPOKE our entire universe into existence!!!! LIKE WHOA DUDE!!!! LIKE THATS LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME LIKE!!!

I look forward to alot of your words. As well as reading the ones on your pages!!! hasta for now.


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