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Monday, November 23, 2009


People say that when they are telling someone they are a lil off don't they??? Like, *are you really going to try that??? Seriously* Being serious has its benefits and value. I definitely want my surgeon to be serious about his work, also my dentist,pilot,mechanic and the person who manages payroll and issues the paycheck!!!! How serious do i want God to be?? Do i want Jesus to be??? Myself???

I came across a blog by a guy named jason boyett, who has just written a book about doubt, thanks to rachel held evans for interviewing him on her site and giving a link :) Jason is definitely a character and knows how to tickle your funnybone, but also make you think. Philip Yancey once said that he is a writer of books about God and his entire career is based on dealing with God and theological issues, and he said he can go a few days and hardly think about God at all. Whattttttttttttttt???? I wonder if he listened for thunder after he wrote that??? Hmmmm Just got me to thinking about being so serious all the time, or thinking God is wanting that. After all, being holy and maturing into a strong person of Christlike character surely requires maximum serioussness does it not???

I always have wished that the Bible had a verse that said *Jesus laughed* I am sure Jesus laughed heartily on a regular basis, i mean come on look who He was hanging around down here. I wonder if Jesus would have said DOH like homer simpson to tease one of the 12 when they did something silly??? I am sure Jesus had lots of palytime as well. Did they play hide and seek back then??? Mother may I??? Had to have red rover red rover!!!! Love to see the look on the face of whoever was waiting for Jesus to run and break through their chain. LOL

I just realized in reading jasons blog how i am so serious so much on here, and it is because i want to be serious about being vulnerable and transparent and seeking Jesus guidance even amidst my constant falling down. But, fun and laughterm relaxing and play also have major roles in living life and being vulnerable and transparent. Is there a freedom God gives in our call to holiness that we can miss and become overly serious and perfectionistic about??? The ways He wanted those in the 1st century to live out their relationship was a bit different than how He intends us now to live it out right??? We can't be perfect imitations of Paul, Peter, James. Sometimes its easy to just get too serious. Thank you for having the greatest sense of humor of all Almighty God!!!!


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