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Monday, October 01, 2012

just thoughts

I had a counselor tell me once all of us have a lil craziness to us, the question is- are we in control of it or is it in control of us???  I guess sin would fit this question eh??  Sin is by definition crazy in and of itself. Fighting against God, what could  be more crazy than that?? yet we all do it, some believing  there is no God to sin against though.

 It amazes me how our inner worlds are in constant motion, going all kinds of directions all at once, even though we may not reveal the slightest hint outwardly what we are experiencing inwardly. We all know how to maintain. Maintain. That is the word my friends in high school used for  keeping  composure publicly while stoned. Lol. Some can do that way better than others, some don't even want to do it.

Thoughts and feelings are intertwined so closely, hard to tell where one starts and the other ends. Funny how they get unblanced though. Some like to exclude one as opposed  to the other. Paul said he learned the secret of contentment in any situation he found hi8mself in. Of course, Paul had a spectacular vision of Jesus followed by months in seclusion being  trained for his apostleship with no  outside interference. How do we become like him and get that ability??  I know even when I find times of peace and contentment I soon  have thoughts and feeling   which interrupt it. Where do they come from??  James  says  we are tempted by our own  desires which emanate from our inner being. Is there a way to make that inner being completely yielded to God and His Will??? Is that what is supposed to happen when we are crucified with Christ so that we no longer live but Christ lives in us???  How can we  objectively know this is happening??? Don't we all bounce around like a pinball even when we don't want to because  things inside us and outside us effect us?? 

 Just thoughts. Feel free to  share if you  stop by and read.


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