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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

Ho ho ho...... hope everyone has been having a merry christmas!!!!!! Went to christmas eve service as well as on Christmas day!!!!! Jesus does give us the ability to have joy no matter what our circumstances or feelings might try to say otherwise. I really took inside the message of the secret to joy that He provides which goes far beyond mere happiness. Happiness is what we experience when our circunstances or life events are positive or going our way. Joy on the other hand is what God provides us no matter what happens to us in life..... He is our reason and fulfillment NOT our outward experiences.

Sure hope I manage a way to get a computer again soon I want to be out here more sharing and reading so many other blogs here's wishing all His blessings on you in the coming year!!!!

Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ Hosanna Hosanna Hosanna!!!!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

grace is so incredible

A lot of different things have been making me more and more aware of this truth. God definitely does take care of us far beyond what we could ever deserve, but then we do deserve alot that we wouldnt want dont we??? Our mens group talked alot about how we are saved, and how that impacts us to change our lives, we serve and obey God because of gratitude and love at what Hes done...... not in anyway to impress Him or earn something from Him. But, since we do still have our old natures seems like we will always struggle with our motivation for why we obey and seek God even as we turn to the Spirit such deep thoughts in all of that I know I discover everyday how awesome God is in His love and care for me especially realizing my failings that run so deep no matter how much inside I want to be holy.

Larry Crabbs book Shattered Dreams echoes so much of what I think goes on in us internally when life throws us a curve......and, he also expresses truth that i think we often try to bury or be in denial about we really do get angry and upset with God and question His actions deep within ourselves when things dont go smoothly or if they get downright out of control.... how can HE allow this to happen???? Doesnt my life deserve better??? Hmmm.... have to think more on this whole subject and add more next time