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just a 44 year old man seeking to share my meanderings with the world at large or the blogosphere at small

Saturday, October 22, 2005

to be told

That is the title of the book by Dan Allender Im reading..... man is it great stuff!!! He knows how to cut right to the heart of the matter so well. He also is excellent at storytelling and in drawing out the reader to explore each of our own stories and how God is our co-author in ALL of it good and bad. I have Larry Crabbs book Shattered Dreams to read as well Ive always liked his books.

I see all of us who blog as sharing and relaying our stories in our own unique ways I wish sometimes it was easier to translate thoughts to page in a much more coherent inimical fashion I know Ill be so thrilled to get my computer back so I can write more whenever i want. Hope to keep reading more of each one of your stories always a joy to read and learn.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

waiting on repaired computer

I will be back posting as soon as I get my computer back. I am having an angiogram done on n0ovember 1 if severe blockage is found i will need a bypass operation. YUCK!!! No fun there folks!!!! Thankfully I am catching it before it got worse though Just leaving this post in case a few readers come here and wonder where i have been. Leave a message i can check from work. Gods grace keep you all well!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

theclose calls and a hard head

I thought id share a few stories of *near-death* type experiences not the *go too the light* kind but a lil different kind. I was 5 and handing a cousin some flowers when our dog jumped on me and kocked me down about 20 stairs all i got was a broken collarbone very lucky

In high school we were putting up large wooden beams for our play in the auditorium i was standing talking when i heard a voice yell LOOK OUT!!!!! it was likr slow motion before i could move the beam landed on my head and knocked me down....... i think people thought it killed me i laid there not moving for a bit but then slowly stood up..... I went to the hospital for observation just had a concussion but the Dr said if it would have hit me less than an inch to my right instant death it would have severed my jugular ouch

Finally, i was a camp counselor at a salvation army camp in malibu one summer and it was the last day of camp...... i was sitting on a lifeguard station watching the pool when one of the kids dared me to dive in...... i said no thinking it was way too shallow but then i thought about it it was the last day and so i did it.,...... BAM my forehead hit the concrete bottom of the pool and i surfaced with a bloody skull again came away with just a concussion could have been alot lot worse

God takes care of kids and fools lol just thought id share those it did make me very thankful for not being more severely hurt

Saturday, October 01, 2005

bible college

Ive been seeing a few blogs as i do random searches talking about going to bible college . Made me reminisce on my experience, i had the greatest time while in bible college. Living in the dorm at school helped im sure, even though my mom only lived a 1/2 hour away there is just something that makes living on campus more rich as an experience. Especially since we had a pool needless to say- I think I hold the record for geting thrown in the MOST!!!!! can you believe it...... such an angelic harmless innocent like myself getting thrown in the pool so often????? No respect i tell ya!!!! LOL

One funny story i have.... we had a class where the teacher was pretty dry so i brought in a gorilla mask from halloween i waited till halfway through class then put it on,.,,, i dont know if the teacher ever even noticed lol it was fun to do though who says bible college students cant be mischevious...... Bob Jones U maybe????? *weg*